Elevate Your CX with our MODERN Digital Product Audit

Our service focuses on improving e-commerce conversion rates by using expert reviews, empathy mapping, SEO audits, and Google Analytics, along with innovative AI tools.
Designed to set the benchmark for Digital Product audits.
Evaluate Every aspect of your e-commerce including DATA, SEO, UX.
Get actionable insights to enhance Product Flows in digital touchpoints.
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Our Digital Product Audit stands out as an innovative solution due to its Hybrid combination of expert-driven insights and AI-assisted analysis.


Experts provide detailed, nuanced evaluations while AI enhances accuracy and identifies patterns that might be overlooked.


AI accelerates the audit process, allowing for faster delivery without compromising quality.


Our approach can easily adapt to different project sizes and complexities, ensuring consistent results.
ensure the best consumer experience

Heuristic Evaluation

Our team of experts conducts an in-depth heuristic evaluation, capturing screenshots from both desktop and mobile devices across various pages. Each screenshot is annotated with detailed comments and insights, addressing key

AI is used to help generate full insights based on expert prompts. It is also helpful when brainstorming for solutions.
e-commerce enhancement


While our audit is suitable for all types of websites, our primary focus is on enhancing conversion rates for ecommerce platforms.

Basic elements

Review key components like headers, footers, navigation menus, and search functionality for usability and consistency.

Purchase path

Evaluate the checkout process, including cart functionality, payment options, and order confirmation.


Analyze the design and content of homepage, product, category or account pages to ensure clarity and engagement.


Ensure compliance with WCAG standards by checking keyboard navigation, alt text, contrast and screen readers support.

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